Who are we?

We at RBXALTS.COM provide you with freshly generated Roblox Alt Accounts.
Thus, we give each of our users the opportunity to use our accounts to no longer become victim of Roblox’s ban waves.




Our automated system ensures permanent inventory control, which means that only under very rare circumstances accounts are no longer available.


Private Alts

Our system ensures that the account that you've generated belongs 100% to you and hasn't been used by anyone else before.


Ethical Aspekt

With the help of modern bot-technology we can promise that our accounts are 100% self-generated. We are strictly against stealing/pishing of accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are the accounts email verified?

No our accounts are not email verified, the accounts have nothing set up except for an username and a password. Meaning that everything can be added to your own preferences.


Are the accounts unbannable?

Obviously not. They rather serve as an alternative to your main account, people most likely use them to prevent bans or to stay anonymous.


Which payment methods do you accept?

What? No payments at all! Our service is 100% free and will always be free. We're using ads in order to finance the creation of our accounts.


Can I generate as many accounts as I want?

Technically yes, delay wise however we have to restrict/rate-limit our users in order to prevent bot attacks. In a nutshell: you need to wait at least 3 minutes to generate another account, which should be a fair compromise.